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Set yourself apart with NAC Road Service's tailored programs for your business and commercial client needs.

Let the experts with more than 90 years of experience assist you with the design of your customized program that benefits your policyholders and saves you money and administrative time. Our roadside programs are built to work within your coverage and can be customized to fit your present and future needs! 

Get your Commercial policyholders the ease of Sign & Drive programs with NAC’s Roadside Assistance. Get the data that you need to manage your program.

Get more information on roadside assistance for mixed, commercial fleets, nationwide. 



Maintain a competitive edge

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Policyholder Retention

  • Per service cost transparency

  • Easy monthly payments
  • Reduce or Eliminate the need to staff after-hours

  • Easy alerts system for claims staff and adjustors

  • Preferred body shop preferences*

*Mileage limitations may apply



Value Adds

  • First Notice of Loss Reporting (all lines)

  • Online Client Portal*

  • Reimbursement processing

  • Branded Smartphone App-Fully integrated APIs

  • AfterHours & Weekend Call Center Support

  • Messaging and Alert services 

  • Accident & Secondary Towing
  • Mobile Glass Repair/Replacement

  • Claims software integration

*Coming soon


Insurance Inquiry Form


How does a Roadside Assistance program benefit our policyholders?

Simple to use 24/7 x 365, anywhere in the US.

Trained call center operators to administer coverage and limits.

Trained Road service professionals to assist the policyholder in their time of need.


How does the policyholder contact NAC?

A simple call to the toll-free number or through Smart Phone App or an App that we brand for you.


Can all of our policyholders use this service?

NAC can provide service to those policyholders that do not have coverage by accepting payment with the insured's personal credit card.


Can NAC provide services for non-standard carriers?

Yes, we can. We have experience providing to all types of carriers.


Can NAC provide roadside assistance programs for "liability only" vehicles?

Yes, we can. Pay-per-service programs enable policyholders to access NAC's professionally managed networks. 


Are there any limitations on the service?

As restricted by policy coverage.

When the disablement is located where it would be illegal or dangerous to render service.


What types of vehicles can be serviced?

All vehicle classes licensed for road use Personal or Commercial Autos.


How does NAC save us money?

NAC offers its customers preferred rates that are negotiated with our network of Independent Service Providers.


Whom do I contact for pricing?

Discuss with a NAC Business Development Manager by sending an email, today.


What kind of billing structures are available?

  • Cost Plus - Pay only when service is rendered

  • Fixed Fee - Pay a fixed fee per covered vehicle

  • Flat Fee - Pay a fixed amount for each service (restricted to base service programs for passenger vehicles).


What separates NAC from its competition?

  • NAC's customized programs and billing options.

  • All vehicle classes serviced (passengers/motorcycle/medium duty/heavy duty).

  • Extremely responsive to customer requests and concerns.

  • We use the latest technology to provide customized features.

  • Based on our extensive experience, we provide guidance and advice to design and implement the right program for your policyholders.

  • We are your partner, not just a vendor. We develop a close relationship with your claims team, marketing team and your other partners. 

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