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Does your insurance company’s checklist include roadside assistance?

Is National Automobile Club on your insurance company checklist? It should be.

Auto insured customers know what they want from their auto insurance company, how are auto insurance companies responding? It’s time to compare checklists, both insurance companies and customers have similar wants and needs.

One popular service that helps approximately 100 million drivers annually is left off some insurance company’s checklists, leaving customers with this service on their checklist scratching their heads. This service is roadside assistance and insurance companies that overlook offering roadside assistance to their insured may be overlooked by potential customers.

When it comes to having a preference of 24/7 nationwide companies providing roadside assistance, National Automobile Club is on the list.

- Experienced: 96 years of savings & service

- Affordable: savings up to 20% on service

- Quick: nationwide ETA of 60 minutes or less

- Size: multiple call centers and access up to 75,000 service providers

- Service: 24/7 service for all vehicles classes 1-8, passenger through super-duty vehicles

- Custom programs: customize details, set limits, pay per service, pay per vehicle, hybrid pricing options

- Technology: mobile app

Contact National Automobile Club to learn more and discuss our limited time promotion.



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