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What Commercial Auto Insurance Companies Should Know About National Automobile Club

National Automobile Club (NAC) is a motor club that was launched in 1924 and is dedicated to helping drivers in need, providing emergency roadside assistance to personal & commercial vehicles. NAC started out selling personal memberships for Californians and branched out to selling commercial services in the 1960’s. Entering the commercial roadside industry many decades ago has helped NAC grow and sustain long-lasting relationships with our service provider network. NAC’s network provides 24/7 nationwide service for all vehicles (classes 1-8) and our customers enjoy quick & affordable service. Our contracted service provider network facilitates cost-savings benefits for our customers in exchange for a large volume of services.

How is NAC different from other commercial roadside assistance companies?

NAC’s leverages an exceptional network of service providers, call center operators, technology, consolidated billing and reporting to provide commercial auto insurance companies and their customers a one-of-a-kind experience. The large variety of commercial customers partnered with NAC has helped develop our service offerings and network to fit the needs of our insurance customers. Our unique value is demonstrated in our ability to design custom programs for your commercial auto insurance policies that enhance service, cost-savings, and efficiency. Three crucial ingredients to building brand loyalty with customers.

With 97 years of data, NAC experts share insights and recommendations to optimize your commercial roadside assistance program. Schedule a meeting with an Account Executive to learn how easy it is to setup a commercial roadside program with NAC and to discuss the benefits of different pricing and service options.

Commercial auto insurance companies interested in learning more should contact [email protected] and visit NAC at

About National Automobile Club (NAC) Established in 1924, NAC continues its mission to connect motorists in need with exceptional towing and roadside assistance professionals. NAC partners with automakers, insurance companies, fleet companies, fuel card companies and many other commercial companies who need 24/7 nationwide service for drivers operating any type of vehicle (class 1-8). NAC is known for designing custom, cost-saving towing and roadside assistance programs for their commercial partners with the added benefit of boosting brand loyalty through extraordinary service.



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