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Non-standard insured drivers have a serious need for emergency roadside assistance

There is nothing standard about emergency roadside assistance for non-standard auto policyholders. Non-standard insured have a high usage of emergency roadside assistance compared to other types of insured especially when it comes to accident towing. These higher-risk insured also have a need for other services such as tire changes, jumpstarts and lock outs.

With National Automobile Club providing service, your non-standard insured can benefit from up to 20% in cost-savings each service that is performed. With some non-standard insured requesting multiple annual services, the savings can really add up.

If your insurance company sells non-standard auto policies then having a roadside program that is quick, reliable and affordable could be the best solution to increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Reach out today to speak with an Account Executive about our limited-time promotion for insurance companies who partner with National Automobile Club.



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