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Why Commercial Roadside Assistance is Crucial For Commercial Auto Insurance Companies in 2021

Now is the time for commercial auto insurance companies to add commercial roadside assistance to policies.

Most commercial insurance customers expect their commercial insurance company to offer commercial roadside assistance but when this option is not available these customers must turn elsewhere. Commercial insurance customers like trucking companies and delivery companies start their search via the internet and quickly learn about the limited options that exist, delaying service to their driver and commercial vehicle stuck on the side of the road.

Why be an impediment to your commercial insurance customers?

Commercial auto insurance companies can offer help by partnering with a commercial roadside assistance provider. The time to act is now because there is an expected increase in demand for commercial roadside assistance in 2021, creating a massive opportunity for commercial auto insurance companies. Commercial roadside assistance could be the deciding factor for commercial customers seeking a new commercial auto policy in 2021 and here are a few reasons why:

Economic Recovery

Fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic US driving stats indicate there were fewer vehicle miles travelled in 2020. According to the DOT’s Federal Highway Commission report on traffic volume trends, US drivers traveled less

in 2020 compared to 2019.[1] Many people believe this downturn in US driving can turn-around in 2021 with an economic recovery centered around vaccinating Americans. Based on US traffic data, an increase in vehicle miles travelled correlates to an increase in demand for towing and roadside assistance services. Commercial auto insurance companies that are planning for a post-pandemic recovery would be wise to take advantage of the expected increase in demand for commercial roadside assistance.

Trucking Industries Driver Shortage

During the past 10 years the trucking industry has struggled with a shortage of truck drivers and high driver turnover rate. There are many reasons for the current driver shortage in the trucking industry and trucking companies are having issues trying to find enough qualified

drivers. According to a report by American Trucking Associations, The driver shortage is a real problem for the entire supply chain as 71.4% of all freight tonnage is moved on the nation’s highways.[2] With aggressive hiring tactics in the trucking industry, newly qualified and inexperienced truck drivers will be on the roads delivery American’s goods. New drivers may have little to no experience being in a situation involving their commercial truck breaking down while on route, creating a higher demand for commercial towing and roadside assistance than in previous years. Commercial auto insurance companies can conveniently provide a 24/7 nationwide solution for commercial customers to minimize downtime and maximize cost-savings.

Limited Options Available

Often overlooked, towing and roadside assistance plays an essential role in the lives everyday people. Most individuals rely on motor clubs and insurance companies to provide roadside assistance to their personal vehicles. However, businesses like delivery companies can’t turn to their personal auto insurance company to provide service for their commercial vehicles. This is a very common problem that companies face every day and these companies have no idea who to call for help. Commercial customers are searching for a cost-saving, dependable, quick, convenient and familiar way to gain access to commercial roadside assistance when their commercial vehicles breakdown on the side of the road. Commercial auto insurance companies can be the hero by offering help to get their insured back on the road which also helps strengthen brand loyalty with their customers.

These reasons highlight a probable increase in demand for commercial roadside assistance and why commercial auto insurance companies should provide this essential service to their customers. However, it doesn’t shed light on the commercial roadside assistance company you should choose to provide this service.

I recommend starting your search with National Automobile Club (NAC) a trusted and experienced commercial towing and roadside assistance company with a reputation for providing exceptional service. Recently celebrating 97 years of service, NAC’s success is a result of helping drivers turn stressful experiences into stress-free experiences.

Service is available 24/7 nationwide and covers all vehicles (classes 1-8). Drivers can receive the following services: towing, accident towing, secondary towing, scheduled towing, fuel & fluid delivery, rapid EV charging, winching, tire change, battery service, minor mechanical repairs and lock out service.

"With NAC, our commercial insurance customers can request fast, safe and dependable roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.” -Insurance Executive

Don’t let the opportunity to provide commercial towing and roadside assistance to your policyholders pass you by! Commercial auto insurance companies interested in learning about adding towing & roadside assistance to auto policies should contact [email protected] and visit NAC at

About National Automobile Club (NAC) Established in 1924, NAC continues its mission to connect motorists in need with exceptional towing and roadside assistance professionals. NAC partners with automakers, insurance companies, fleet companies, fuel card companies and many other commercial companies who need 24/7 nationwide service for drivers operating any type of vehicle (class 1-8). NAC is known for designing custom, cost-saving towing and roadside assistance programs for their commercial partners with the added benefit of boosting brand loyalty through extraordinary service.


[1] ATA’s Freight Transportation Forecast 2019 to 2030 [2] DOT’s Federal Highway Commissions report on Traffic Volume Trends


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